The Family Man 

Craig Campbell was such a pleasure to chat with; he was born in Georgia and raised in a proper southern home. His upbringing shaped him into the gentleman he is. From talking to him to seeing his dress and listening to his music it quickly becomes apparent that this is who Craig is not just an image he puts forth. He wants his music to be “real” and to that I say mission accomplished.  


His love for music started at a young age it progressed with time. His family has been his core support and is big part of why Craig is where he is today.  When he decided he liked and wanted to play the piano “my parents facilitated that for me. Anything musically, they were always supportive.” For years Craig played the piano for church, and he started a band in his teens “Out of the Blue.” He was always singing around the house. “My sister was always pushing me to sing, she talked me into doing the True Value country showdown when I was 15. She helped me pick my song and I won.”  That is when Craig’s itch to sing and preform came to light in a real way.  He won the contest again at the age of 18.


“Adele – is someone I would love to do a duet with.”  Now wouldn’t that be awesome to hear. That ties in with the fact she and Bruno Mars would be some of the “random” things you would hear on his iPod. Bruno Mars is random for him for certain, as he does not stray far from his true love for 90’s country. Craig grew up in a southern Baptist home with a strong influence of southern gospel - quartet music.  When he was old enough to choose what he wanted to listen to “early 90’s Country Music is all I ever listened to.”   The excitement was evident as he talked about the music that had inspired him “I was hooked from the first time I ever heard Randy Travis sing. Shenandoah and Tracy Lawrence all those guys, big music for me back then.” This explains where his “staple” music sound comes from.   There is a certain pureness in Craig personally that comes across in his music.  Craig attributes this to the fact “he can’t sing a song without relating to it ----- With all songs he sings especially those he doesn’t write Craig feels he needs to be able to say to the fans “this is why I picked this song.” He wrote “When She Grows Up” about his daughters, hands down it’s my favorite song on his EP. It is a true reflection on his goals and priorities. He is after all a “Family Man.” When it comes to his music, his career, he wants his daughters to be proud of him and his songs “definitely don’t want to ever do anything to embarrass them.”

Craig Campbell

He looks for melodic tunes and he does faithfully believe “if you put good music out it will speak for itself. People will find it.”  This is true even more so today with the access fans have to the music on line.  This explains the success of his debut album.  The single “Family Man” was featured on “True Blood” and was a top 15 hit. 2 other singles released off the CD also charted. “Fish” has had over a quarter a million downloads. His label president surprised him with a plaque in late 2012 after his single “Outta My Head” (of his new EP) became his fourth consecutive hit to chart. They have combined for over half a million downloads. He recently did “Sunshine Club” with award winning, Australian country musician Troy Casser-Daley. For now he’s working on getting “Outta My Head” up the charts as they visit radio stations where he shakes lots of hands and meet lots of people. He enjoys this part it helps him see and get to know his fans in a bit more personal way.  He’s signed with Bigger Picture Group and his priority is getting this album out. He’s is in the studio now finishing it up so be sure to stay tuned for more great music around the corner.

Be sure to follow him on twitter, like his FB page and keep watch on his website. His EP, “Sunshine Club” and his CD “Family Man” are all available on iTunes. Go download some of his music, and be sure to go back to rate and post a short review.

A few favorites

Food ~ Spaghetti

Color ~ Blue

Cartoon ~ Sponge Bob Square Pants

Book ~

Sport ~ Football ~ NFL ~ Atlanta Falcons!

Hunts when he can – not much time to these day’ “busy busy these days”