Josey Milner - A true "cowgirl" following her dreams

Josey Milner is a young budding singer/songwriter trying to make her “splash” in country music. I like her and am excited to introduce you to her. Before we really get started take a listen to “Cowgirls,” her current single.



Josey is a true blue “cowgirl” she did rodeo, barrel racing and roping for 8 years, as well as participating in the rodeo pageant’s where she claimed 2 state titles “Little Miss Rodeo Missouri” and “Teen Miss Rodeo Missouri” along with a few other regional titles. The rodeo is also where she got her “musical” start so to speak.  She used to sing the National Anthem at some of the rodeos, eventually moving up to the big PRCA ones across Missouri and Kansas. This is where she came to realize what her true dream was, so she changed course and started pursing her musical career. “I started singing pretty much as soon as I could talk. I had been performing the national anthem along the way in the rodeo circuit In 2010 I was invited to sing at the National Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis MO, I got up on the main stage, I’d really never done it before and I loved the feeling I got from it (you could hear the excitement in her voice) I didn’t want to leave the stage. And that is really where my musical career began.” Her hard work and dedication learned on the rodeo circuit should bid her well as she continues to delve into it. She’s been working very hard on her music for 2 ½ -3 years now doing shows across the Kansas City area which lead to her winning “Kansas City’s Princess of Country Music.” She is currently in college in Missouri but gets to Nashville as frequently as she can. She soaks it all in when she does go “I love it every time I go it’s such an awesome place, the atmosphere, the culture it’s amazing.”  I like that she is pursuing her education first, she’s pursuing a degree in digital technology, it makes for a well-rounded person heading into the brutal business side of the music industry.

Josey Milner


Growing up on a farm Josey has been surrounded by animals and loves them. The small town and farm atmosphere also garnered a strong family bond. “I grew up in a really close knit family. Family is VERY IMPORTANT to me. I’ve grown up to learn and respect people, appreciate people, especially appreciate people, and really appreciate everything I have.”  Josey has the full support of her family “my family has been nothing but supportive throughout this career, my parents have definitely really been there for anything I needed. My grandparents are really proud, especially my mamaw and papaw, when I was 5 or 6, I sang at their 50th wedding anniversary and they’ve always gone around and told people about it. It was one of the moments they were most proud of.”  Her love of country music is deep seeded in family traditions.  There was always country music on the radio or a CD. She still has family that are active in rodeo and that comes hand in hand with country music.

She just recently auditioned out for America’s Got Talent and is waiting to hear back. There are lots of people she’d love to tour with of course the King of Country music George Strait, one of her idols, both musically and personally is Miranda Lambert. She’d love to play the Ryman. She’s an advocate of anti-bullying. “Not Pretty Enough’ was her first single released was used with a anti bullying campaign in connection with Angels and Dove.  It earned her a 2013 Independent Country Music Award nomination for “Promising Young Artist,” a Top 10 hottest new artist designation. It earned a number one spot on Indie World, the world’s first independent country music chart. She’s working on her first EP and is hopeful it will be released by years end. Josey’s  super excited for all the songs on it and a new one is set to be released to radio March 30th radio “Red, White and Blue” “It’s a patriotic song, I’m very excited for this song, it’s probably my favorite, it sends a really strong message and shows a lot of pride.” Get ready for it, get ready to request it and help it move forward.

I asked her what she wanted people to know about her, about her music “I’m just an average small town girl trying to go out and accomplish a big time dream. Anyone that has ever wanted to go out and do something go for it, you know really just go for it. I never expected to be in the place I am today with my music. We’ve accomplished so many amazing things so if you’re passionate about something, then you’ll be able to accomplish any goal you set.”


Josey seems to be a very grounded, sweet and talented young lady. I am looking forward to following whatever her career may bring, whether it’s big recognition or just being a player in the indie game while she continues to fulfill a dream.

Some fun facts 

iPod – very versatile from Katie Perry, Justin Timberlake and Madonna to Miranda Lambert and George Strait.

Color – Lime Green

Cartoon – anything Disney – loves Cinderella feels like a 2 yr old girl watching Frozen

Mexican or Italian Food - Italian food

Rolling Stones or Beatles – Stones

Hank Sr. or Blake Shelton – That’s a hard one – lets go with Blake I guess

Favorite song – changes every week – right now – I don’t know really love Red Wagon

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