The Power Of A Song

I've thought about this a lot - I have always known music touches me and is important in my life, but often wondered if others felt it like I did. After seeing Kim's pictures she took of fans while I was simultaneously taking Kellie Picklers picture as she was singing, was it "their" song, was it because it was one of Kellies most personal songs and she delivered it with such emotion singing to them? Whatever the reason, the photos say it all. Music is powerful!

Kellie Pickler at The Grizzly Rose ~~  Photo Credit - Kim Parker

Kellie Pickler at The Grizzly Rose ~~  Photo Credit - Kim Parker

Music is powerful. It evokes emotion, it soothes us, it allows us to escape and takes us places we might not otherwise go.  The same song stirs different things in different people. Lyrics can speak for us when we can't speak for ourselves.  many people have said Music is the one true universal language, and it is so true. Watch how people of all ages across the globe react to music. How they use music.

There are songs or concerts that are significant to a specific time or event such as "We Are The World"  or "Farm Aid."  all the fundraisers done after "natural disasters."  For me Andy Griggs, "20 Little Angels" will always bring a tear and a moment of silence so to speak, for the 20 innocent little lives taken at Sandy Hook elementary school.  There are the songs that are prevalent at sporting events like "We Will Rock You" "Take Me Out To The Ball Park" who doesn't have a memory about those songs.  Songs like "Raise Your Bottle" by Aaron Watson was written specifically because his grandpa and dad are Vets. His dad is a disabled Vet. He wanted to give back, every penny of profit from the song will always go to support the troops. This is a way that we as a larger community come together in times of sadness or celebration. It unites us.  It's a way artist come together to help whether to "raise money" or help heal emotionally. 

 As I look back on my life there are songs that are engrained with a memory or person. Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" will forever make me think of one of my best friends in high school. Stacy Bayne was in love with Jimmy Cole, my neighbor, and when they broke up she played that song over and over and over for weeks. . "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac that was one of her songs. 867-5309 oh man I heard that song on repeat one time from Denver to Colorado Springs (an hour). Really for almost the entire trip we - Pam played that song, the rest of us were hating it then but now it is such a fun memory.  REO Speedwagon's "Time For Me To Fly" - in high school, my breakup song - with my "boyfriend" in Switzerland. I use boyfriend lightly lol.  Bryan Adams "Straight From The Heart" mine and my husbands first dance as husband and wife 31 years ago.

I've met some amazing people, friends on line from music, supporting songs, artists. My life has been enriched by the "indie" music social media community.  So many JT Hodges fans are now friends, same with Chris Young, Christian Kane and Chuck Wicks. "Good Morning Beautiful" is in a round about way how Jody and I met. Steve Holy was running a social media contest. The more you mentioned key words on line the more you scored. The winner every month won swag. Jody and I battled it out month after month. #GoodMorningBeautiful is one of my favorite songs (#itsinmybook) and I was relentless. I'd imagine there are a few people that think of me when they hear the words Good Morning Beautiful or Steve Holy thanks to that contest. However, through that we met and Country Watch was born.

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