Dreams come true

Me, just a blogger from Colorado gets to chat with Garth 

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I was shocked the day I got the email from Garth Brook's team "inviting" me to his press conference when he came into town. When I started playing on line with country music promotions etc NEVER did I imagine some day I'd be waiting my turn to talk to Garth. Needless to say to be involved in such a neat thing,  the grand opening of the Teen Room, the press conference, the chance to ask him a couple questions one on one with one of the legends of Country Music Mr. Garth Brooks was a dream come true. I'll admit it, as Garth walked in, I was overcome with emotion ~ I looked around the room, all the press and their big camera's - TV camera's rolling, and me sitting there with my photographer Kim Parker, 

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Garth quickly put the room at ease - his kind & welcoming demeanor, his genuine humbleness almost made one forget who he was.  He started off talking about how important the work that his foundation does with "Teammates For Kids" - he spoke from the heart, this is personal for him, make no mistake about it. Then he quietly led into the actual "press conference" asking only that we tell him our name before asking a question. Easy enough right ... he was there to share with us, he joked and kept it light but very real. Very heartfelt answers - he is all about his fans, about being as fair as possible to all those involved in the actual making of the music, about music being fun and meaningful. 

   Garth talks about number of shows and ticket prices 

Garth was funny when he was asked if he'd written or planned on writing a song for his daughter(s) for their wedding someday. 

He was so genuine as he talked about why he does so many shows. It is actually a pretty neat process. Going into a sale they really have no idea how many shows they'll be doing. That is decided on how many people are buying tickets and in the waiting room. He wants everyone that wants to see him to have the opportunity to do so at a fair price. He teared up when he talked about never wanting a parent to have to explain to their kids that the reason they couldn't sit in front is because they couldn't afford it. 

Garth talks about writing a song for daughters wedding someday or NOT writing one - it was my question woo hoo - 

Garth's' inspiration - what got him to want to do music - why he does the music he does

After the actual press conference we all got to go up and speak with Garth 1:1. I thanked him for talking to me - little ole me - just a country music blogger from Colorado - he actually thanked me for what I do - what we do. 

My questions and an insert of his answers 

1. What would he say was the difference between now and when he wrote the River with  as far as when he's sitting on the shore what would make him "satisfied" 

       Garth - "The chance to do it when I wrote it and the chance to keep doing it now" ( see him elaborate below - it's not the best video due to the background noise but I like it... )

2. What advice would he give some of the newer or indie artists to help combat some of the struggles such as "if you're not on the radio you don't exist" 

       Garth -  "The trick is to focus on the music. If you focus on the music the truth is if you live the music you'll live forever.  I promise you they will. No matter how large on a scale they think they got,  If you live for the music your name will live forever."


Throughout the press conference Garth jokes with us - One of his favorite foods is pizza and it just so happened that the girl sitting next to me had a personal story about him and pizza. Last time he toured in Denver 18 years ago he went to her families Italian restaurant for pizza. They have had his picture up ever since.  He joked about his age or the fear of his age  - 104 years 0ld - getting to the best of him, He talked earnestly about what his fans have meant, about how he hopes he is remembered for songs like the Dance and People Loving People. He shed a few tears more than once .  I went into the press conference somewhat intimidated and left with a new opinion of Mr. Brooks as an artist but more importantly as a person. 

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Photo and video credit goes to my wonderful friend and photographer Kim Parker - anyone who has caught a show at the Grizzly Rose over the past few years has probably seen her. She is their house photographer and I am lucky she's helps me out. Thank you Kim!! 

Garth Brooks press conference at Children's Hospital in Denver Co 3-18-2015

My first Garth experience was pretty incredible. It will probably remain the highlight of my “blogging and promoting” days. I was invited to attend his press conference here in Denver to “kick off” his 9 shows in town

Garth Brooks - Press conference in Denver Colorado 3-18-2015

Garth Brooks - Press conference in Denver Colorado 3-18-2015

To begin with, we’ll discuss the important stuff. The reason the press conference was at our Children’s Hospital, a pillar of our Colorado community - They were celebrating the grand opening of a new suite, Teen Zone, donated and put together by the “Teammates for Kids foundation.” The foundation was co-founded by Garth Brooks and Bo Mitchell in 1999 it now has over 3,000 participating athletes from all different sports from bull riding to football, and everything in between, as well as musicians and other celebrities and corporations. In 2002 Garth joined up with Tory Aikeman’s foundation to support the child life zones.

♦♦♦Garth Brooks after Maddie's introduction speech  ♦♦♦  Photo credit Kim Parker

♦♦♦Garth Brooks after Maddie's introduction speech  ♦♦♦  Photo credit Kim Parker

One thing that has stayed steadfast and true is: 100% of the money goes to the kids. That’s not a goal… it’s the rule! Teammate’s mission statement: “In partnership with professional athletes, corporations, foundations, celebrities and individual teammates, we help children in the areas of health, education and inner city. We do this in a number of ways, from funding Child Life Zones and supporting Child Life programs in pediatric hospitals, to sports and recreation for inner city children and providing educational opportunities for the underprivileged.”

The Teen Zone is a doctor free room, a place for the teens in Children’s hospital along with their visiting siblings or friends to just hang out and do teenager things. A place to escape, even momentarily, from the medical stuff. It is quite a cool room they’ve put together for them, from a separate theatre room (that’s the room the press conference was in) to a pool table, video games and just a hangout place with couches and a LARGE screen TV. It has a kitchenette for snacks. It is decorated with neon lights and signed jerseys of Colorado’s sports teams. It was comfortable room and you forgot you were in a hospital when you were in it. There was an advisory board of teens that Children’s Hospital is more like a second home than a hospital to, that assisted in the development of the room and they are the ones that reached out to Teammates for their assistance.  As Maddie, the young girl that introduced Garth for us at the press conference said “we made the right choice in getting Mr. Brooks involved.”  Seeing Garth interact with the teens – and talk about the room, the foundation, you can see he gives more than his money to it. He is invested emotionally and that makes a difference.

Photo credit Kim Parker