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Long Way Back by Hillybilly Vegas is a fantastic song that came about for an awesome cause!  “This is a very special song for us.  It along with the video is going to be used by a fantastic organization called Battle Saint.  They work tirelessly raising money to build treatment facilities for PTSD and traumatic brain injuries in our returning vets.”  The song is lyrically fantastic, spot-on, I think both figuratively and emotionally for many of our military personal!  Combine the reason they are away or were away, what they are doing, seeing, going through physically and emotionally on a daily basis, it often times leads to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).    

The song is one of the best I’ve heard from Hillybilly Vegas (btw, they are one of my favorites). The guitar interlude, although brief, evokes emotion before word one is sung, and musically stays strong throughout the song.  You can hear, feel that Steve and Johnny dug deep when writing the song.  It tells a story that is a very personal memory of Steve’s. “The inspiration for the song comes from a story my grandfather once told me when I was young.  He was just about 19 years old and in the Navy during World War II.  He told me one day he was sitting on a beach in North Africa and the ship was anchored a few hundred yards out.  He could hear Bob Wills music echoing from the deck...he said at that moment he had never felt so lonely in all his life.  He promised himself once he got back to Cecil, Arkansas he was never leaving again.”

              Written By: Steve Harris & John Reed

              Written By: Steve Harris & John Reed

Side note …. Many of us could learn from the lyrics, learn to not to always look to the other side, appreciate what we have. [Fill in the blank} “in a small town makes you want to run just like losing and lonely makes  you regret what you’ve done.” It goes on to talk about “if I ever find my way back from wherever I’ve been, I ain’t ever leaving again.”

At any rate, when you stop to think about it, daily life as we know it, stops for a deployed solider – kind of freezes in time, but for us at home life forges ahead at full speed. Leaving a big disconnect.  “There’s a girl back there that I used to call babe, yes she said she’d wait but I bet by now she’s called it a day.”  That is a fear, one of many that a vet lives with daily, that they are being forgotten, and sadly for many it comes true. That same type of story is a common theme that Steve has heard over the years when talking to Vets to Vets families. It has been an honor for Steve and the guys to do the song, work on the on this project and support Battles Saint.  Here is an email Steve received from a retired veteran that is a fan of the bands….

Brother Steve,

WOW!  The little town that I grew up in made me want to run too.  That's why I joined the Army.  My girl was supposed to wait for me, but when I got finished with training she was gone and moved on.  For almost 22 years I cussed myself for missing birthdays, weddings and funerals.  After all was said and done, here I am back living in this small town that I could not wait to leave and it was a long way back!

I say you nailed it!  I love this song.


Well I guess #EnoughSaid

A well written, well sung song evokes emotion, provokes thought and is not limited to a specific genre, and that is what “Long Way Back” does, is.  A great song is timeless and that is what “Long Way Back” is. The song deserves to be heard – it deserves radio play! It has our full support! I most definitely suggest grabbing it.  It will be available Nov. 6, 2014.

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Written By - Nickie Techmanski @Acologal