Justin Moore - KYGO Studio - 3.14.16


I had the pleasure of spending an hour listening to Justin talk about life and his music, while previewing a few songs from his upcoming album. He was a cool guy and it reminds me why I do what I do. Very sweet! Genuine sweet, not sappy fake because I need to be sweet, just sweet. It was cool, he spent the time really chatting with us, like we were sittin' around a bonfire. He told cute stories, talked about the business and his family. He really is a small town, country boy through and through. I'm very excited to hear his new CD - we got to hear 4 songs from it. One was his kids favorite, one was a tune his wife told him he needed to cut, and that Nicole Kidman wanted Keith to cut. The stories made the songs all the better. Thanks KYGO for supporting Justin and inviting us in to share his new music with him. Thanks Justin for sharing you, taking time away from your 3 well 4 girls to spend with us. It was a different night. A cool night. One that I'll remember for sure. 

Justin Moore 3.14.16
Nickie Techmanski - @Acologal