My List, My Rules, Really Anything Goes ....

Here is my list of the top 50 songs for 2014 - It was a hard list to compile. One wouldn’t think so, but it is. Not only do you need to pick the songs, you then need to somewhat order them. What fulfills one musically varies day to day – hour to hour – mood by mood etc.  I’d imagine that at on a different day the list would look different. My list started way above the 50ish it ended up being. I know I’ve forgotten some – I’ll hear it and go *thump why didn’t that make the cut. The lists was compiled using a variety of qualifications. Some were singles from an older album that the artist pushed for radio play this year, some were brand new this year, some started at the end of last year but gained the attention this year, some are old but newly introduced to me this year. I tended to stay away from mainstream radio artist for example Miranda Lamberts “Automatic” should probably be on the list but the overplaying of it basically ruined it. - My list, my rules, really anything goes 

Please share your comments below – I’d love to hear what songs you think I missed. Sharing is what we’re all about at Country Watch.

1. Frankie Ballard – “Sober Me Up”

2. Brett Eldredge – “One Mississippi”

3. Girls Guns & Glory – “All The Way Up To Heaven”

4. Love and Theft – “Whiskey On My Breath”

Bonus Video - Just because I feel this song is timeless it's got to be included  - Austin L Webb "Slip On By"

5. Karla Davis – “When I’m Gone”

6. Holly Williams – “Waiting On June”

7. JT Hodges - "Already High"

8. Dierks Bentley – “I Hold On”

9. Adam James – Watching You Sleep – Cannot find a video to share but you can hear this song along with his others on his site.

10. Kellie Pickler – “Someone Somewhere Tonight”

11. David Nail – “Burnin Bed”

12.  Outshyne – “Moonlight Crush” (#ItsInMyBook)

13. Eric Church – On this one I’m going to just go with his entire CD – The Outsiders – there wasn’t a song on it that I didn’t really like. If I list all my favorites from it, it uses too many choices. With that being said “Dark Side” is #outstanding and if I hadn’t decided to pick his entire CD, this would have been my #1 overall pick.   

13. Dark Side